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*Guess Were*

TRJJ Online Shop

The Store should be open by the end of this week if we don’t have to many hangups.  Give me a buffer and lets say beginning of next week.  Product looks pretty cool though, hope y’all dig on it.

Burton Teasers

Burton is releasing 6 or so teasers this week and I am behind the punch I think this one is day 4′s.  So much for being in the loop huh?  Oh well…  Ill find out which ones are out and post those tomorrow.  Enjoy.

How the ‘art’ comes to life

Over the last few years and on my decks particularly, I have worked with Lance Violette during this process.  It generally runs without a hitch.  Lance tends to interpret my ideas spot on, unlike most people who see them.  This graphic was no different.  I simply wanted to try and tell the story of the [...]

Ghetto Edit of Nothing Really

Thanks Preston for the new “Mind Mess’ Tech in playing this game.

14 Years ago

An Old friend sent me these links that even an older friend posted of some skate footage of Me and JP back in the day. Pretty sweet man!! 14 years ago, crazy!! Thanks John and thanks Dave!

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